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The classic ferry – East Bay Services – North Bay Services – Other Services – The Ferry Building – Car Ferries and Floats – W. A.Coulter Ferry Drawings – Preserved Boats – Ferry Tales by G Lindsay Campbell – Introduction – San Francisco, California Bay is a big waterway. Water travel was the best way to get around until long bridges began to appear in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Return to top of page – The Classic Ferryboat – To be a classic ferry, a boat must have 3 features: A.It must be double ended – B.It must be propelled by side paddle wheels – C.The paddle wheels must be driven by a walking beam engine – Bay City in the Ferry Building, demonstrating the 3 features of a classic ferry.

The first ferries on the bay were single ended boats, such as the Clinton and the Petaluma of Saucelito. Double ended boats, starting with the Central Pacific’s Alameda in 1867, allowed for faster turnaround since the boats didn’t have to turn around. Paddle wheels aren’t the most effective method of marine propulsion, but I such as the noise they make. Most ferries built in the 1920’s and later used propellers. Key System never operated a ferry with a paddle wheel until it purchased Santa Fe’s San Pedro to take passengers to the 1939 fair on Treasure Island. A walking beam engine is a big one cylinder steam engine.

An A frame rises from the keel throughout the roof of the upper deck. The walking beam rocks at the top of the A frame. One end is connected to a big cylinder. The other end is connected to a crank that drives the paddle wheels. Other boats used numerous kinds of steam engines, including some compounds. Later ships used searing electric and after that diesel electric drive. The earliest ferries burn wood in their boilers. Most had converted to coal before 1900. Many converts to burn oil in the 1900’s. The typical classic ferry had 3 decks: A.Main – B.Cabin – C.Hurricane – Eureka on the bay, labelled with her 3 decks labelled.

The main deck was where goods and express were usually carried. Car ferries had tracks on the most important deck for freight vehicles and auto ferries carried automobiles on their most important decks. The most important deck was usually divided down the middle by the fiddley, which housed the walking beam engine. The cabin deck was where majority of the passengers rode. Cabin decks were usually extremely decorated. In the Ferry Building in San Francisco, California, passengers could debark from both the most important and cabin decks. The hurricane deck was off limits to passengers. The aviator houses, the walking beam, and the smoke stack were on the hurricane deck. Boilers and sometime restaurants were located under the most important deck. Restrooms were frequently next to or over the paddle boxes. Return to top of page – East Bay Services – Oakland \/San Francisco – Ferry service from San Francisco, California to the East Bay started in 1850, When Captain Thomas Gray started sailing the small steamboat Kangaroo from San Francisco, California to San Antonio Creek, that is now the Oakland Estuary.

Lanai Ferry

When booking the trip to Hawaii, plan the interisland travel to increase the leisure time instead of waiting around for transport connections. The outer islands include the Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. They also include smaller islands, like Niihau and Kahoolawe, but these islands are mainly closed to the public. Flying is the most typical and fastest way to travel from Oahu to the outer islands. Most flights into Hawaii land at Oahus Honolulu Airport.

Accordingly, most flights from Oahu to the outer islands along with other islands leave from Honolulu Airport as well. Booking Plane Tickets – Check the current flight schedules of the airlines and plan the flights accordingly. Avoid long and complicated layovers that cut into the vacation time. Find flight schedules on the airlines web sites or call them directly. Additionally, charter a private flight. Airlines serving Oahu and the outer islands include Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air, Mokulele Airlines, PacificWings and go! Mokulele. Book the tickets through a travel agent, on-line travel site or the individual airlines websites. Prices are frequently lower if booking directly throughout the individual airlines web sites or call their toll free numbers.

Proper Documents – Travel with proper identification, like a passport or valid U.S. Drivers license. For citizens of the US, only a valid driving license or other government approved photo identification are needed to travel to Oahu and the outer islands. For citizen of any other country, a passport is needed. Book a Tour – Book a tour through a company, like Hawaii Discount Tours or enjoyable activities, that combines a flight from Oahu to the outer islands. Package deals include transportation, like a minibus to Oahu’s airport and ground transportation once landing. Reserve these tours in advance. Travel by Ferry – Fly to either Maui, Lanai or Molokai, and after that take a ferry between islands.

Ferries run only between the islands of Maui and Lanai and between Maui and Molokai. Catch a ferry between Lahaina on Maui and Manele Bay on Lanai with the Maui Lanai Expeditions company. Use the Molokai\/Maui Ferry between Lahaina on Maui and Kaunakakai Harbor on Molokai Island. All ferries follow a regular schedule with two or 3 departures daily. Transportation is for individuals only, not cars. Booking the Ferry Tickets – Book the ferry reservations in advance irrespective of the ferry. Book via the ferry companies web sites or by calling their toll free numbers. Both companies have luggage constraints and specific cancellation policies. The waters can be rough, especially during mid-day ferry rides, so be ready for the possibility of motion sickness. And on the other hand, the views are beautiful, and with the chance to see dolphins and whales on the way. Two companies providing boat charters are Tradewind Charters and Tom Barefoot’s Tours.

Greek Ferries

Thanks to the Athens News and the incredible Giannis Smyrnis who for many years had been sending me the weekly ferry schedules Such as clockwork every Wednesday. Sadly the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine stopped sending them out so till they start again, if they start again, you will not find the weekly schedules on my web site or in the Athens News. They can call the ferry companies and get accurate info and won’t book you into a hotel that you cannot reach on a certain day. Try my Create and Itinerary Form and Fantasy Travel can put together an island itinerary based on availability of ferries and give you a price.

You’re not obliged to book. In addition visit Fantasy Travel’s Greek Island Hopping Programs because you might find the island combination you would like to do at a price you didn’t think possible. For info on buying tickets see Greek Ferry Boat Tickets where one can in fact book ferry tickets with Dolphin Hellas who’re a reliable travel agency with real live humans and not a pc program that you cannot talk to if there’s something weird with your tickets. From May there are at least 8 boats a day to Hydra and even more to Aegina. Even in the winter months there are daily boats to Each of the Saronic Islands.

For all those who seek the elusive overnight ferries to Santorini it’s a misnomer. They leave at 8 or 10pm plus they arrive at 4 or 5 am. Not really convenient whenever you realize you’re stuck in a small port or in the bus station with all of your luggage until things open up or you can check into your hotel at noon. To me a night ferry is one you get on at 7pm and you arrive at 7am refreshed following a nice sleep in a comfortable cabin. Overnight ferries go to Lesvos, Crete, Kalymnos, Leros, Kos and Rhodes that are all at least 12 hour trips.

The Crete ferries particularly are the latest and the best with beautiful cabins, large lounges with non smoking areas and a Few even have pools, Such as the Superfast which only takes 6 hours from Piraeus to Heraklion. The port of Pireaus is wireless though how well it works depends upon where you’re, what computer you use, how a system happens to feel that day and any number of factors. There are places to store luggage in the cafeterias and waiting areas that are usually open twenty four hours. Crete Santorini Mykonos Ferry – If you’re searching for the Connection between Crete and the Cyclades, in typical Greek ferry fashion which defies logic there are two boats leaving within half a Hour of every other and going to pretty much the same islands: Santorini, Ios, Paros and Mykonos, except one goes to Naxos instead of Paros.

Ferry Schedule

Cape May Lewes Ferry Introduces New Fare Schedule Creates New Senior Citizen also Military Fares, Reduce Off Season Rates Today, Delaware River and Bay Authority officials Declared a revised fare Timetable for the Cape May Lewes Ferry, That Presents new passenger fare Courses for military Employees and elderly Taxpayers and reduces vehicle fares from the off season. The revised rate schedule was designed to promote ridership among two important demographics groups and to attract more ferry clients in the off season. The modified fare program is effective on May 23, 2014. In accordance with Heath Gehrke, Director of Operations to the Cape May Lewes Ferry, the revised fare program is responsive to customer feedback.

Our senior customers, an essential section of our customer journeys, asked for this senior reduction, and we listened, Gehrke said. We increased its accessibility, and increased the reduction. Were hopeful the new senior fare courses will encourage more seniors to utilize the Ferry to explore another areas of the Delaware Bay, and were pleased to acknowledge the service to our nation by the members of the military. Effective May 23, ferry airline rates for members of the army and senior citizens will be one way also $6 for the return trip between Apr and October. These new fares represent more than a ten percent discount when compared to the current adult airline rate.

The modified fare program also reduces off season vehicle fares by $3, a ten percent savings. The fare roll back is aimed at locals who comprise a main part of the ferrys client base throughout the off season. Gehrke noted that the roll back from off Period Automobile rates and the reduced fares for elderly citizens and military personnel are the first fare reductions since 2005. Passenger and shuttle fares are unchanged. Discount book of ticket classes are also unaffected. The modified fare program is projected to be revenue neutral. To support the new airline fare courses and off set the vehicle fare rollback in the off season, a brand New High Season vehicle fare class will go into effect Monday to Thursday during July and August. The Ferry continues to provide an option for drivers wishing to take a rest from long hours of driving, avoid traffic jams on Baltimore\/Washington expressways, and while providing all travelers a relaxing way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Delaware Bay. The Ferry is open all year round and has transported more than 43 million passengers since its inception on July 1, 1964.

Ferries In Europe

The vast majority of carriers to Europe now just allow dogs to travel if they’re in the owners vehicle, rather than accompanying foot passengers. The only company that travels between the United Kingdom for Europe where dogs may travel without automobiles is DFDS on the Newhaven Dieppe path, where foot passengers can take animals, but they must be contain in the right carrier. Brittany ferries does provide kennels and pet friendly cabins, so pets do not need to remain in automobiles for the whole trip, but these are just accessible whenever you pre book and travel by automobile. Once you’re onboard, the policies varies from one company to another.

We’ve compiled information from the main ferry companies serving the most famous routes around Britain. Please note, as of 26\/05\/2010, the European Parliament and Council have warned that the amount of dogs, cats and ferrets coming from one EU Member State into the following will be limited to 5. Europe – For all journeys to from Europe, pets are needed to be a part of the Pet Passport scheme. Stena Line enables the traveling of dogs, cats and ferrets to from into the United Kingdom about Stena Lines Harwich Hook of Holland path. Pets can make the crossing in the ships kennel, or in your vehicle facilities.

As pets are not allowed on passenger decks or within cabins, it is recommend that you go to your pet throughout the crossing to ensure they’re comfortable. P&O The policies vary depending on the route, but on all journeys animals must travel with a vehicle, as foot passengers are not permitted to transport pets. Dover Calais you need to check-in at least one hour before your trip and pets should remain in the vehicle throughout the crossing. The cost for pets is 15 each way. Hull Rotterdam\/Zeebruge you must check-in at least 90 minutes before your trip and pets must remain in the air conditioned kennels on the vehicle deck.

Coach and foot passengers have been able to bring pets. There’s a 17 charge each way for pets traveling this route. Animals can’t travel unaccompanied on any route. Brittany Ferries dependant upon your destination and the vessel you’re traveling on, dogs can travel in your very own car, in the boats kennels, or within a pet friendly cabin. Pets need to be booked in advance, and reservations on the day of departure won’t be accepted. Animals can’t travel unaccompanied, or with passengers traveling on foot, bicycle or motorcycle.

The costs for pets are the following! UK France 16.50 – France UK 24.75 – UK Spain 29.50 – Spain UK 39.50 – The following boats all have kennels Pont Aven, Cap Finistre and Bretagne – On .